The large scale un-employment in Rural Sectors particularly viewed seriously and it has been decided to bring those un-employed groups under self-employment schemes through different Vocational Trainings and to encourage them for their self-employment.   While the modern society has changed its traditional outlook and diverted its attention towards technical and developed process of living followed with well-equipped thoughts and activities thereon, the existing skill and capacity of the youth mass is to be increased following the rapid development and growth of the society.  There is no such proper facility and scopes either in concerned localities or any effort is being delivered for such deserving youths.  In this background, it was decided to launch programs like Trainings, Orientations and Vocational Educations encouraging them for self-employment. Thus, during this   year a total of 10 nos of Vocational Trainings were conducted in the district of Khurda, Puri, Naygarh to accommodate the un-employed youths of the concerned districts. The  Vocational Trainings included Mobile Repairing, Tailoring, Stitching & Embroidery, Food Processing, Carpentry, Pickle making, Candle making, Computer Training and Agarbati Making etc.,.   The selection of candidates were made giving priorities for the Women, Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe, Minority, and other backward Communities including Socio-economic backward classes of the project area.  During this year under report a total of 500 youths (300 male and 200 female) were successfully participated in the training Camps.  The subject matter specialists conducted the training following a syllabus.  Effort was made by MRF to negotiate with different employers for possible employment of the trained youths.